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Welcome to North Americas' website of Lincoln Red cattle!


Lincoln Red

Of North America


Mr. Gordon Cook  (a past President)

"With a narrowing profit margin, this highly competitive breed is proving to be a prime choice. These cattle feed easily, gaining very readily without elaborate, expensive feeds. Lincoln Red cows have a very generous milk production. Lincoln Red steers have statistically proven themselves as excellent competitors in weight gain and dressing percentages. This rugged, heavy-coated breed is ideal for fluctuating weather patterns. They can withstand cold temperatures without impeding growth and gain.

Another popular attribute of the Lincoln Red is their manageability. This breed is generally placid and calm, sires included. All of these qualities have made them a very viable alternative to other beef breeds."

We would like to present to you the Lincoln Red. This breed was recognized as a separate breed in the first volume of the Coates Herd Book in 1822. The Lincoln Red is now a genetically protected foundation breed in Canada and England.
Sound structure provides durability for the breed. A wide muzzle, wide stance and sturdy feet and legs allow the deep bodied animal to adapt and excel in virtually any environment. Low birth weights coupled with high milk production reduce calving problems and insure superior weaning weights. They are a low maintenance, low-input beef breed. We call them convenience cattle.

Picture submitted by; Burton Rose